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When he was a little kid, Benjamin Gilpin had a set of placemats with a map of the world and remembers many meals where he would race through dinner so that he could stare at the different countries and ask questions about such far-away places. His interest in the world led him to study history at the undergraduate level, which is why he takes pains to mention the historical depth of any given commodity or nation or phenomenon.

His decision to continue the study of human behavior in a more profitable endeavor led him to complete a graduate degree in economics from the University of Cincinnati. His thesis on trade relations between India and Pakistan during the two nations' nuclear arms race was featured in the University of Cincinnati Queen City Colloquium as well as the Central Michigan University Graduate Symposium, the latter of which was commented upon by Yale professor Erez Manuela, famous for his ground-breaking work "The Wilsonian Moment."

With a more advanced understanding of market forces than what the headlines read, Benjamin began to inform audiences about in-depth geographical and political forces that shaped the prices of commodities and the value of markets. His market investment work prior to this newsletter may be seen on major sites like SBC Gold, FrugalFinance, RealityBliss, IDC Coin and Bullion, and Kristall Spaces Real Estate. Furthermore, his content has appeared on pages of Fortune 500 companies like EA Games, Macy's, American Express, and T-Mobile. The sum total of his digital compositions stands at well over one million words.

In addition to writing, he has educated students on economics and world events by designing e-courses at Franklin University, one of the first universities offering an all-online program. His classes on economics, geography, and history can be accessed from the Franklin University server 24 hours a day for students who are interested in learning about the interconnected world without needing to fight traffic and show up at a classroom.

Benjamin's approach to wealth creation is simple: combine diversification with financial re-investment and time. Given that our quantities of the latter two categories are limited, sometimes drastically so, it's important to emphasize the value of diversification. That's why his articles encourage readers to take more than one approach in order to capitalize on any given market shift. By providing more multifaceted advice, it's possible for readers to profit from market trends in ways that they wouldn't find from reading the stories on their own.

Benjamin lives in Ohio with his girlfriend and a large tank of tropical fish.

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