How ISIS has Affected the Price of Oil

"Understanding our foreign policy in the Middle East is critical for me because part of my portfolio is invested in oil stocks. This report gave me information I couldn't find on the regular news channels." -- Sarah (Navarre, FL)

"I found that Ben's article confirmed a number of hunches about the current oil market direction, as well as added a number of details I was unaware of from the regular media sources. Not only did he peg oil pricing will drop further, the review highlighted new options not considered."  -- Tom ­ (Sacramento, CA)

"This information gave fantastic insights into the relationship between oil, gold, and foodstuff commodities, such as wheat and cocoa. It was very interesting to learn that the Iraq ISIS crisis caused an increase in the price of oil that was less than the amount of the increase in gold prices." --  William (Las Vegas, NV)

"Like most people, I assumed that turmoil in the Middle East would fuel oil price spikes. This article explains perfectly why I was wrong. Domestic production is surging and there are lots of other producers filling the gap. I will definitely keep reading here for more information about changing conditions, though." -- Nick (Lubbock, TX)

"I couldn't agree more with this report! Your assessment of the ISIS situation is spot-on and has convinced me to make some long overdue changes to my investment portfolio. Thanks for the advice!" -- Jennie (Charlotte, NC)


The Future of Russian Oil

"Before reading this report, I didn't know anything about Russian oil. This report delves into thepolitical and technological factors that influence the supply and price of each barrel of crude produced there." -- Sarah (Navarre, FL)

"Before I read this article I had the simplistic view that Russia's massive oil reserves would add up to sustained profitability. I had no idea how bad the infrastructure problems were, or that Russian production would start faltering so quickly. This article changed my energy investment strategy for the better." -- Nick (Lubbock, TX)

"This in­depth analysis of Russian oil prospects for not­so­distant future offer insights into the potential investment opportunities that could easily be missed by those unaware of what is happening. The dynamics involved have a global impact. With this advice, I plan to be on the profitable side of the equation." -- William (Las Vegas, NV)

"I found Ben's article on Russia's oil reserves and market involvement shocking and enlightening. I previously thought the Saudi downward pressure on prices by flooding the market was to knockout American ventures in the Dakotas. I didn't realize they were also facing a big challenge from the Russians as well."  - Tom (Sacramento, CA)

"I have wanted to start investing in commodities for a long time. Ben's counsel proved invaluable in helping me take my first positions in the crude oil markets, helping my returns get a nice boost and helping me take investing my personal wealth to the next level." -- John (New York, NY)


The State Of The International Cow In 2015

"Once again, this investment advice is spot on. Trading cattle futures and investing in cattle
exchange traded funds (ETFs) that benefit from foreign consumption of beef, is a clever way to make money from this global trend. Thanks for showing me investment opportunities caused by Chinese desire for more beef!" --
William (Las Vegas, NV)

"I think investments in commodities­centered ETFs are one of the most reliable moneymakers out there, but it's hard to find reliable information. This article is great for breaking down the factors influencing beef prices. I had no idea New Zealand played such a big role in cattle futures, for example. Thanks for the great information!" --  Nick (Lubbock, TX)

"As an investment adviser, I am always looking for the next hot commodity market. John's analysis of cattle ETFs sent me in a the right direction for a exceptional, high yielding exchange traded products that are a great fit for my high-net-worth clients." -- James (New York, NY)

"My favorite part of this report is the detail given to the factors effecting the current and future price of cattle.  International and foreign factors are explained; including the effect f Chinese factory farms and emerging markets in New Zealand." -- Sarah (Navarre, FL)

"As water becomes more of an issue and agriculture plays a bigger role in commodities, Ben's article really plays out the impacts on the beef industry and related investment options. It's an eye-opener for those who want to diversify into food markets for non-traditional profits." -- Tom (Sacramento, CA)

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